Our Biosphere team undertook our bi-annual (wet season) aquatic assessment in the Jukskei River today….

Sad to say that since we started in this river it has only deteriorated beyond repair….

We sampled only 5 different tolerant taxa, of those 5 the majority were black fly larvae (simuliidae) and bloodworms (chironomidae).

Despite the developer’s efforts the impacts this major river experiences in its upper reaches are irreparable. Besides the large number of domestic and industrial waste littering the rivers’ beds and banks, the water quality is probably the most concerning! The alarm bells should be ringing if even the most tolerant of taxa struggle to survive the ridiculous amount of pollution the river experiences.

We are monitoring deterioration, accepting that this is the new normal…

So instead of standing on the sidelines accepting this grim fact, what should/can we do as a society to change/to make a change?

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