Biosphere Enviro Solutions

LATEST FIELD RESULTS - Swartbooispruit


SASS5 Score

No. of Taxa (5,6)



Health Class (Highveld Upper Foothills)


SASS Score

No. of Taxa

ASPT (5,4)


Health Class (Highveld Upper Foothills)


EARLY 2020

  • Biosphere Enviro Solutions had started up amidst the Covid 19 pandemic.
  • The company had faced many extraordinary challenges and re-formed those challenges into opportunity


  • The Biosphere team officially relocated to Pretoria, Gauteng Province.
  • The team continuously bring new perspective and solutions to various environmental aspects.


  • The team continues to strive toward bringing their expertise and perspectives to the table.
  • The Biosphere Enviro Solutions team have made many leaps and bounds creating new- and developing working relationships.


Biosphere Enviro Solutions (Pty) Ltd is here to provide the highest quality of service to our clients and maintain high levels of professional ethics and admirable core values.

We strive to provide the best possible services for our clients while encouraging environmental solutions in all aspects.


Our goal is to be top of the list of preferred strategic partners in the field of environment and sustainable consulting.


Our mission is to emphasize continuous environmental improvement, promote sustainable development, commit to even the most challenging of projects and emphasize compliance with relevant environmental and water related laws and regulations.

Quality Assurance


To undertake project work in accordance with the defined scope of work, agreed between Biosphere and its clients.


To ensure that all technical work is performed in accordance with the relevant published standards, codes of practice, specifications, recognized professional guidance, statutory documents and other considerations.


To complete technical work within agreed time and financial budgets.


To carry out activities in accordance with established Quality Management Systems.


To review and update technical skills and management practices to continually improve service to Clients.


Biosphere Enviro Solutions

Justin Bezuidenhout

Senior Environmental Consultant and Water Quality Specialist

(BA, Geography and Environmental Management, National Diploma in Disaster Risk Management and Registered Environmental Assessment Practitioner and Accredited SASS5 Aquatic Ecologist).


Justin has eight (8) years’ experience within the Environmental Consulting Sector. He started his career as a Junior Environmental Consultant in 2014 gaining valuable experience and climbing the environmental ladder becoming a Senior Environmental and Water Resource Consultant in 2021. Justin also has a very big drive for water conservation and the management of South Africa’s water resources in a sustainable and effective manner. Justin has had the privilege to be part of various projects within the environmental sector, undertaking a wide variety of roles and responsibilities. Justin specializes in Water Use License Applications, Environmental Impact Assessments, Aquatic Ecology, Surface Water Assessments and Water Use License Facilitation. Justin also had the privilege to undertake work in Scotland for a year and a half where he gained excellent project management skills working on two overhead power line projects being appointed as the Environmental Advisor for these two projects. Additionally, he undertook work such as Extended Phase 1 Habitat Assessments, Amphibian and Reptile Assessments, Freshwater Pearl Mussel Surveys, Bat Surveys, Ornithological Assessments, Estate Surveys and Bird Protection Plans during his time abroad.

Interests: Justin is an outgoing, energetic person who loves to play golf and enjoys practising his photography skills whenever he has an opportunity to do so.

Biosphere Enviro Solutions

Suné Bezuidenhout

Project Manager, Environmental Consultant and Aquatic Ecologist.

(Accredited SASS5 Aquatic Ecologist)


Suné has approximately four (4) years’ experience within the Environmental field. She has undertaken a variety of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA’s), Water Use License Applications (WULA), Surface and Ground Water Quality sampling, testing and reporting (and experience with different water quality testing equipment and conducting laboratory tests for Total Coliforms and E. coli), conducted Aquatic Ecological Assessments specifically for macroinvertebrates, Quantum GIS mapping as well as been part of a team undertaking quality assurance duties such as peer review, filing, and marketing. She also has extensive experience with Environmental Control (ECO) work for industrial, residential, and agricultural developments across South Africa. Her main interests lie within the environmental sector and her goals are to become more involved in protecting our valuable resources. She aims at familiarizing herself more with the Ecological sector by possibly attending various ecological courses and being mentored by Senior Ecologists. Suné has also obtained her SASS5 Aquatic Accreditation in May 2022 and strives to obtain a formal degree in the environmental sector within the next three years.


Dr. Elandrie Davoren


(Ph.D Environmental Science)


Elandrie’s doctoral research focused on urban ecology, with the primary objective of conducting a comprehensive examination of domestic gardens in both urban and rural settings. The study aimed to assess the species composition and diversity within these gardens and compare them to the surrounding natural areas. With one year of practical experience in Biodiversity and Wetland Assessments for Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and Water Use License Applications (WULA), Elandrie is dedicated to expanding her expertise. Her ambition is to deepen her understanding of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Water Use License Applications (WULA), and the broader ecological sector. To achieve this, she is actively seeking opportunities to attend relevant training courses and engage in mentorship under Senior Ecologists. She possesses excellent skills in data analysis, GIS, and report writing, contributing to her effectiveness as an ecologist.