The tragic reality is that many of our main Rivers are polluted to an almost irreparable state, and we tend to just accept this fact, why?

We obviously rely on the relevant authorities to keep our wastewater systems functioning optimally and at least maintained to some standard but clearly this isn’t the case and again we tend to just accept this fact, why?

What I saw this week deeply saddened me, what I saw was not a River but its remains, a flowing stream of waste that has continued to build up over years. It’s fascinating to me that even in these poor conditions the smallest of invertebrates continue to try and survive.

We are very privileged to have people like Tarryn Johnston of Hennops Revival and her team doing their best every day to make the change that we desperately need.

Our goal for this monitoring event was to obtain some baseline water qualities and to determine the current Present Ecological State (PES) that this stretch of the Hennops River is functioning in by using the most up-to-date SASS5 and IHAS methodologies.

Furthermore, we wanted to see what the change in the rivers’ PES would be once a proposed trash trap is installed and once the surrounding area has been cleaned of litter and waste.

I am hopeful to see some change and improvement to a river that desperately needs it.

I want to be part of that change…
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