The Ephemeroptera, or mayflies, are a small but diverse order of amphibiotic insects found in freshwater ecosystems worldwide.

Mayflies provide direct and indirect services to humans and other parts of both freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems). They provide regulatory services through their cleaning of freshwater. They provide many essential supporting services for ecosystems such as bioturbation, bio-irrigation, decomposition, nutrition for many kinds of non-human animals, nutrient cycling and spiraling in freshwaters, nutrient cycling between aquatic and terrestrial systems, habitat for other organisms, and serving as indicators of ecosystem health.

About 20% of mayfly species worldwide might have a threatened conservation status due to influences from pollution, invasive alien species, habitat loss and degradation, and climate change.

Biosphere Enviro Solutions have conducted numerous Aquatic Ecological Assessments (more specifically macroinvertebrates) in some of South Africa’s largest river systems.

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